Friday, October 14, 2016

Free prequel ebook ties into Outcast Journeys box set

Australian writer, poet, and teacher Ashley Capes has released a new novella.

Never (Prequel to the Amber Isle) is a free ebook at Smashwords. 

Adventure? Check. Magic? Check. Sarcasm? You bet.

Roguish Never is sure he has hunted down every relic and every clue possible on his quest to finally lift the curse on his blood and hopefully learn his true name. However, convincing the wealthy Lord Firmita to part with a map to the sunken city proves to be far more dangerous than he first imagined.

Prequel story to The Amber Isle - see how Never meets his enemy Harstas!

The Amber Isle and its sequel A Forest of Eyes are part of the Outcast Journeys box set that is only $0.99 for nine works by eight fantasy and sci fi authors. 

Join in the adventures of heroes and heroines created by an international group of eight talented authors. Outcast Journeys brings together nine novels and novellas set in fascinating realms of the imagination. From dragons to space ships, experience the trials and battles of memorable characters as they navigate magical worlds.

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