Sunday, November 27, 2016

Take a break from shopping on your iPad with iBooks

You've been browsing for gift ideas and comparing prices on your iPad or tablet until you don't know what to choose. When you get to that point, it's good to shift internet gears and move into entertainment mode. The relaxing pleasure of reading novels is another use for your tablet. As always, reading offers an alternative when you're not in the mood for the passive consumption of video content.

Taking a break to pick up a wee goodie for yourself might break the ice of gift shopping. The jealous spots in the reptilian relics of your brains might need a little soothing before you slog through decisions about gifts for kids, spouses, and the office secret Santa program.

If you're chilling on an iPad, you have access to a huge catalog of ebooks at iBooks. It's the book-reading platform within the Apple operating system and it's part of the iTunes ecosystem.

Some of my free titles that might interest you there are:

For foodie willing to explore the simplicity of vintage recipes, I'll suggest:

In it, I present over 60 recipes salvaged from my grandmother's handwritten cookbook started in the 1920s. With the holidays on the horizon, you might be interested in the chapter about fruitcakes. (They're marvelous and mood altering!).