Monday, December 26, 2016

Discover Ebook Reading with Your New Android Tablet

For those who received a new Android tablet as a gift, you're now in possession of a perfectly good ebook reader. Like me, you'll use your tablet to do other things like research the web, waste life energy on social media, and watch movies, but I also enjoy reading ebooks on my tablet.

Every Android device comes with access to the Google Play store. This store sells apps, music, television shows, movies, and ebooks to a global audience. You can also easily add apps for other online media retailers and services like Kindle, Kobo, and Netflix to your tablet.

Today I'm going to focus on reading ebooks from Google Play and independent sources on your tablet with an emphasis on finding free ebooks.

  • You'll open the Google Play store by tapping its icon on your tablet. It might already be on your home screen. If not, you'll find it in the Apps area.
  • Unsurprisingly, the ebooks section of the store won't be particularly obvious when you enter the online store. Touch the little horizontal bars near the top of the page to open the store menu. Then you'll see Books as a choice.
  • Once you're in the Books section, you'll be able to search and sort for whatever you desire to read. Lots of free ebooks are available on the Google Play platform, but the retailer does not make them particularly obvious or easy to find.
  • To dig into the free offerings, you'll want to do a store search with "free" as a keyword. For example, free historical fiction or free Arthurian books. This will produce substantial results for you to consider.
  • You will also be able to sort ebooks by Deals. Discounts on all sorts of titles are typically available at this retailer. Browsing by deals, you'll start to find titles for $0.99 or even smaller amounts like $0.79 and $0.19.

As you become familiar with your tablet, you could also download ebooks from independent sources outside the retail giants. 

  • You might find free ebooks given away by expert authors hoping to provide how-to, self-help, or fitness advice. An abundant supply of free fiction can be accessed by doing searches for favorite authors or simply "indie authors" who frequently give away ebooks. There really is no limit to the amount of free nonfiction or fiction ebooks online.
  • When you download ebooks from independent sources, you'll likely choose a file in PDF or Epub format.
  • Your tablet will open any PDF files that you store on the device. When you tap on a PDF file, you'll be presented with options for opening it. Unless you have other appropriate types of PDF viewers installed, you'll choose between Drive PDF viewer or an Office application. Either work fine.
  • To read Epub files on your tablet, you'll need to install an Epub reader application. There are many to choose from. The easiest way to load one on your tablet, is to go to the Play store and search Apps for "free epub reader." You could also do an internet search and download Epub viewers from other sources that you might find. There will be paid versions of these applications as well if you want more features.
  • Once you have an Epub reader on your tablet, you can select Epub files whenever you want to download an ebook. These files are typically smaller in size than PDF files, and they reflow content for digital viewing.

This is the process that you would use if you chose to download a free ebook directly from my website.