Sunday, December 18, 2016

How to find Free Ebooks at Nook

The Nook ebook store presents readers with a steady supply of free reads. The merchandising system does not make it easy to find them, but if you do a search with the word free, such as "free romance," the results will come back with a bunch of free titles.

Try this search with any type of genre or topic after the "free" like "free fantasy" or "free shifter fiction."

You can then sort search results by the menu options for "newest to oldest," "bestsellers," and so forth.

As you browse the results for free ebooks, you're likely to find titles by many indie authors. Indie authors frequently offer free reads to people to attract new readers. People don't have to pay anything to try these new authors.

Because I'm a series writer, I giveaway the first books in my series and then earn money when people pay for sequels. 

See my fiction at Nook. 

Although headlines have been consistently bad for the Barnes & Noble bookstore company, I continue to connect with readers who shop at the Nook store. 

Despite loss of market share and an inability to commit to foreign reading markets, the Nook store remains a viable source of fiction by indie authors in the United States. Authors like me have the freedom to offer free samples. My ebook giveaways aren't restricted to a small number of days like authors that only publish on Kindle. Readers can access my free ebooks at Nook any day of the year.

Many of my ebooks are free on Kindle as well, but this is only enabled by Amazon's willingness to price match my free ebooks at other retail sources. And Amazon does not always price match. If I'm participating in a marketing event that drives readers to my Kindle freebies and a free title gets a bunch of downloads, Amazon always snatches away price matching and makes what should be a free ebook cost $0.99. I assume this is triggered by a system that does not want me to give away ebooks even though it WILL LEAD TO SALES.

My ebook giveaways are classic loss leaders. I satisfy curiosity for free and then gain a few sales from that portion of readers who enjoyed the free read.

I hope that Barnes & Noble continues to operate its online ebook store. It would be silly for a struggling company to ignore online revenue potential, and customers of Nook have been good to me for six years now.

See my fiction at Nook. 

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